Coussins de Dos

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Soft Back Cushions



At the Dutchwoodcraft Company all cushions are custom made in our own sewing workshop.
This allows us to adapt easily and basically everything is possible to meet your needs.
If you can't work it out, please contact us. Of course it is possible to send us fabric samples.



As standard, you have the choice between a cushion set with tight cushions in the back or a cushion set with plump cushions in the back. For both options, we use a 10cm thick SG35 seat cushion. SG stands for "specific gravity", the number indicates how much product is present per volume. SG35 is therefore very firm, which means that you will not get any seat cushions. For the back cushions, we use a SG30 quality. The soft back cushions consist of flakes of the same material, making them softer. Would you like different cushions, for example split up, different quality or different finish? This is also possible in consultation, we have several examples in our showroom. You are welcome to try out the differences.





You can choose between standard (Cartenza) and exclusive Sunproof fabric The quality between Cartenza and exclusive fabrics is the same. The difference is in the appearance. The Cartenza fabric is a smooth one-coloured fabric, the exclusive fabric is, for example, multicoloured, woven or with a pattern. The fabrics are water repellent, so in case of heavy rain the foam can get wet. This can of course dry, but then you cannot use it. We therefore recommend not to leave the cushions in the rain. Sunproof® outdoor stoffen zijn getest volgens de enige echte testmethode voor buitengebruik; BS EN ISO-B04. This test method tests not only the colour fastness and UV resistance of the fabrics but also the weathering process. As outdoor fabrics are exposed to severe weather conditions all year round, this is the only standard that proves that the fabric will stay beautiful and fresh for many years. In addition, Sunproof® fabrics have all other necessary properties for outdoor use:
     Water and dirt repellent
     Chlorine and seawater resistant
     Environmentally friendly: Sunproof® fabrics are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified and are recyclable.




Maintenance tips:

     Most stains can be easily removed by dabbing with lukewarm water and washing-up liquid.
     Bleach can be used if necessary.
     Because of the zip, the cushions are washable at 40 degrees.
     When the fabric has been washed, it should be line dried or tumble dried with limited heat.
     Dries very quickly.
     Olefin does not need ironing.